Hutchison Ports Barcelona Europe South Terminal (BEST) has acquired two new super post-Panamax gantry cranes, adding to the 11 cranes already in operation, along with two new shuttle carriers.

The two new cranes have 24 rows outreach, unique in the Port of Barcelona, which will increase BEST’s capacity to operate large ships.

Guillermo Belcastro, CEO of Hutchison Ports BEST stated that “beyond being one of the most efficient terminals in the world, the arrival of these cranes will enhance our competitive advantages as BEST will be able to operate three mega-vessels simultaneously, while increasing its flexibility to serve smaller vessels.”

The cranes have a height under spreader of 47 m, with he possibility of a further 5 m increase, which enables them to work on vessels up to 10 heights on deck.

After the corresponding commissioning work, the cranes will be ready for daily operations during June.

Mercè Conesa, president of the Port Authority of Barcelona, said: “The significant investment made over the years is a real demonstration of the confidence that Hutchison Ports has in the Port of Barcelona and the mutual commitment to continue to gain competitiveness and quality of service for our customers.”

Hutchison Port BEST currently achieves productivity rates of more than 40 moves per hour per crane.

The combination of size, equipment, people and nGen operating system help the terminal to achieve one of the highest productivity rates in the world.

Belcastro said: “Currently, operations of around 10,000 moves are becoming more and more frequent at BEST; these can be completed in less than 72 hours, minimising call time compared to other ports.

“This translates into significant reductions in terms of transit times, port costs and CO2 emissions, which is a major benefit for the entire logistics chain.”

BEST has continued with its initial commitment to incorporate sustainable equipment as these new cranes also use energy regeneration technology on motor drives, enabling them to reuse the energy generated during the operation in a more efficient way.

Source: Container-Mag