It has been two weeks since a Kerala-based Indian sailor, Arjun Raveendran, has gone missing in the waters off Tunisia. However, there’s no information on the case. His hometown is Attingal in Thiruvananthapuram.

The sailor’s family has approached the relevant authorities, including the Director General of Shipping. Yet, no responses have been shared until now. Three sailors from Kerala, including Arjun, have been missing since April.

Per information received initially, Arjun Raveendran Bhama, who is employed as the Ordinary Seaman on the Panama-flagged vessel dubbed MV Efficiency OL, was missing from 26 April. The time from when he was missing was 9am.

The vessel was anchored at Sfax anchorage based in Tunisia. A Raveendran, Arjun’s father, in his request to DG Shipping, highlighted significant mismatches in the versions provided to the family by the Statement of Facts shared by the Master of the Vessel and the manning agent. Raveendran mentioned that he received the information from Yusuf Ansari, who is associated with Sinista Maritime in Mumbai, over a call nearly 30 hours after the incident occurred.

Source: marineinsight