“Sagarmala” project envisioned with public-private partnership to promote coastal shipping and inland navigation is a brain child of J.M.Baxi.The project was spearhead by the northern India company “Round the Coast”, also a sister concern of J.M.Baxi, a company which has more than 100 year service experience in the shipping field.

The Sea freight Container ship “Chowgle 8” carrying two foreign Sea freight containers called at the Seaport of Bypore, the gateway port of Malabar Coast to launch the new project. The inauguration of the project was carried out by the Minister for Ports Mr.Ahamed Devarkoil yesterday morning, while addressing the crowds gathered at inauguration meeting the Minister affirmativly stressed that he will put in all his best efforts in developing the International trade and direct International shipping facilties  from Malabar area specifically, Bypore Seaport in Calicut and Azhikkal Seaport in Kanur.

The Maritime board CEO Mr. Salim Kumar presided over the function, Calicut Chamber president Mr.Zubair Kolakadan greeted the gathering. It May be noted that it was recently that a Sea freight container ship called the Seaport of Bypore with 42 Sea freight containers.

According to Mr.Munsheed  Ali, a member of the FICCI National Council and convener of Calicut chamber port Committee and also an exporter, a Sea freight container can carry 26 tonnes of cargo.

Shipment of the Calicut famous Calicut Bakery and VKC groups footwears were effected after completing the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) procedures and Customs clearance from Bypore Seaport were done. The same vessel also loaded 6 seafreight container of Plywood from the Seaport of Azhikkal of Western India Plywood (WIP) a very old, prominent and large volume Shipper from Kanur.This shipment of 6 Sea freight containers were destined for Malaysia.

The demand for shipments from Calicut and Kanur have specifically increased in view of the high transportation charges in road transportation of Sea freight containers and also since it helps in avoiding the atmospheric pollution caused from the emissions from the trucks.

Another major advantage that comes to the Shippers who use the International Shipping services from Bypore and Azhikkal is that since the vessel loading their Sea freight containers are the “Ocean going vessel” the Shippers gets the privilege of getting their “ Shipped on Board” Bills Lading (B/l) from the Liner Agent once the Sea freight containers are put on Board the vessel, facilitating them to negotiate their Shipping documents with their Banks immediately, on the same day the Sea freight Containers goes on board the Ocean going vessel, instead of waiting for days for their “Shipped on Board” B/ls to arrive from the Shipping Line’s office or the Liner Agent situated in distant places.

Mr.Salim Kumar, CEO of the Maritime board and Captain Abraham Kuriakos, port Officer said that the Sea freight Container ship would be able to operate on a weekly call basis without interruption. Entrepreneurs hope that the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) facility now available in Calicut and Kanur for export cargo clearance will attract more Shippers to participate from Malabar area.