Initiative Aims to Attract Exporters and Enhance Regional Economy

In a bid to invigorate exports of perishable goods from the eastern and northeastern regions of India, Kolkata Port has unveiled a game-changing offer—a 25% rebate on reefer power charges for refrigerated containers. The initiative is poised to lure exporters currently using alternative ports by ensuring the freshness and quality of their cargo throughout the transportation process.

Reefer containers, essential for transporting perishable items like fruits, vegetables, meat, and dairy products, rely on a consistent power source to maintain the optimal temperature inside the container. Kolkata Port’s strategic move to reduce reefer power charges is expected to substantially lower the cost of shipping perishable goods.

This rebate, effective for a year starting now, is anticipated to reshape the export landscape, making Kolkata Port a preferred choice for exporters. The benefits are two-fold: it not only boosts the port’s business but also bolsters the regional economy.

Key Highlights:

  1. Economic Boost: Kolkata Port’s rebate initiative aligns with the government’s broader objective of promoting exports from India. The government has introduced numerous measures, including the establishment of special economic zones and subsidies for exporters.
  2. Attracting Exporters: By making it economically viable to transport perishable goods from Kolkata Port, the rebate aims to attract a higher number of exporters. This surge in exports will, in turn, contribute to the port’s growth and the region’s economic development.
  3. Quality Assurance: The initiative ensures that perishable goods retain their quality and freshness during transit, bolstering the reputation of Indian exports in the global market.
  4. Job Creation: The increased export activity is expected to generate employment opportunities and boost revenue, fostering economic growth and development in the region.

Kolkata Port’s decision to offer a substantial rebate on reefer power charges has been met with enthusiasm from both exporters and the business community. It signifies a significant step toward revitalizing the region’s export sector, driving economic growth, and enhancing India’s position in the global trade arena. The impact of this strategic move is poised to extend well beyond the port, benefiting the entire eastern and northeastern regions of the country.