The current users of RO-RO vessels and attract more players as detailed below.

  • It was proposed to reduce the rates for empty 20 ft containers to Rs. 400/- and for 40 ft containers to Rs.600, from the current rates of Rs.600 and 900 respectively. Therefore the discounted rates applicable from 12.04.2021 shall be  Rs. 400/- for 20 foot and Rs. 600 for 40 foot containers/trucks. Reduction of rates is on trial basis for a period of one month (until 20.05.2021) and  to continue it only if there is significant improvement in movement due to the reduction
  • It was proposed to give a 5% rebate/commission to those operators transporting 100-200 containers a month, 10% discount to those moving 200-500 containers and 15% discount to those moving more than 500 containers a month. This shall be tracked during a month using passess issued and claims processed during the upcoming month. This is applicable to stakeholders who have currently adopted the pass system with our company. Anyone who wishes to avail this benefit may please get with KSINC and adopt the pass system.

KSINC striving best to introduce the second Ro-Ro into service, which will help to reduce waiting time and attract more vehicles. They require more vehicle traffic to attain the breakeven to introduce the second Ro-Ro vessel. This can be attained only trade support at this stage.