Future fuel choice of Zero carbon shipping industry will remain unknown, said CEO of Hapag-Lloyd while speaking on a panel at SMM Digital Rolf Habben Jansen.

“In reality we don’t know that yet and dependent on what the flavour of the day is people have a preference for one or the other. We try to look 20 – 30 years ahead, the honest answer is we don’t know yet,” Habben Jansen .

The Hamburg headquartered container line’s determination was to have a few number of LNG Power ships, both retrofit and newbuildings. The conversion of Sajir has been accomplished at the yard and the line has also ordered six LNG powered new buildings. Sajir is now renamed to Brussels Express.

He explained that, they had decided to build a couple of ships that is going to work on LNG and those ships will also have the option to work on synthetic gases as well. And this will be the most likely victorious technology of the next couple of upcoming years .

Over the next four five years  there’s going to be a lot of development and then will have many choices particularly for the smaller ships, possible a bit longer time will take for bigger ships. This is the base for his belief that LNG and other gases is actually a good option at this time .

He said future will show if LNG would be a choice Hapag-Lloyd would make later.We believe that, to make industry more environment friendly you should try to continue ahead. “There will be other fuels coming up as well and I don’t think we’re going to have a 100% LNG powered fleet,” Habben Jansen said.