Analyzing how a movement to promote indigenous products has now turned into a boon for biometric attendance and access control industry.

The outbreak of COVID-19 epidemic has left a major impact on the export and import industry. With the programs like “Make in India, Made in India, & Local for Vocal”, the government has always encouraged indigenous products and local manufacturers to come forward and such initiatives are giving us fruitful results now. In view to fight with COVID-19, the No-contact policy has left the fingerprint biometrics attendance machines under a question mark for a subsequent time. But on the other hand, it has open the door for a new age Contact-less face recognition attendance and access control machines.

The value of Indian made biometric attendance and access control products came into actual existence during this period when the organizations are trying to maintain a gap with the imported products which can might be lower on pocket, but are costlier in terms of safety, after maintenance cost and majorly on Made in India initiative.

Our Corporate world is looking for a home grown multi-purpose contact-less attendance machine which can also sense an employee’s body temperature as a routine safety check and also, to prevent other employees with the outspread. Face reading attendance machines with thermal temperature screening facility are the topmost headlines in the organizations which not only senses the body temperature but also prohibits the access if senses over temperature. Not just attendance but access in various departments or offices too can be managed with such machines.

Made in India, started as an initiative now looks like an opportunity to boost the Indian economy and promote domestic products. The cost competition should always be understood as the after sales services and maintenance charges, the domestic companies take in which foreign companies lag behind.

Disclaimer: This is a company press release. No HT journalist was involved in the creation of this content.

Source: livemint