Retailo signs up to a strategic partnership with Maersk for a warehousing solution in Pakistan.

Maersk has announced its partnership with the B2B e-commerce platform Retailo in order to develop its warehousing services in Pakistan.

Retailo will commence operations with Maersk Pakistan from 1 April 2021 and the two companies will explore opportunities to grow and expand in other geographies across Middle East, North Africa, Afghanistan, and Pakistan (MENAP).

Through this regional partnership, Retailo will be able to rely on Maersk for its ever-expanding business needs by getting access to purpose-built warehouses and expand the scale of its business, according to a statement.

“As Retailo’s business and reach grows, the storage, inbound and outbound operations will grow exponentially. With Retailo’s vision of reaching and impacting 10 million retailers across the MENAP region in the future, a strategic partnership with a reliable warehouse services provider, like Maersk, will prove to be a huge contributor in realising Retailo’s vision effectively,” commented Retailo co-founder, Wahaj Ahmed.

Inefficiencies within the retail sector have long since hindered the retailer’s business and profits, said Maersk in its announcement and added, procurement, and supply chain channels within the region are entirely informal and pose significant challenges.

The partnership will help Retailo, which is already using several vast warehouses in the region, manage their large inventories as per specific requirements.

Maersk Pakistan’s managing director, Aruna Hussain noted, “With our experience in the warehousing and distribution business and our strength in the end-to-end logistics sector, we are confident of creating a reliable solution for Retailo and support their expansion vision.”

Source: container-news