MAJOR maritime concerns have joined forces to assess the technical, financial and environmental issues of converting existing vessels to zero carbon fuels as part of a Maersk-led transition to a global zero carbon fleet by 2050.
American Bureau of Shipping, Maersk, NYK, MAN Energ Corporation and Total are joining forces through the Maersk Centre for Zero Carbon Shipping.
The purpose of the centre is to assess conversion options and “de-risk asset investments by analysing the emission reduction potential as well as techno-economic opportunity of converting vessels currently fueled by fossil-based fuels to zero or neutral carbon fuel solutions”.
Participating corporations will look at box ships, tankers and bulkers and their potential conversion from conventional fuel to LNG, LPG, ammonia or methanol as well as onboard carbon capture and storage.
The project is facilitated by the Maersk and funded by the corporate partners, said the press release.
This project is one of the initiatives to realise the International Maritime Organisation’s (IMO) medium- to long-term target for reducing greenhouse gases (GHG), and NYK will actively contribute.

Source: Schednet