MSC has announced the following base rates (FAK) to all export cargo from Israel to US, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean, as from 1 August until further notice.

Port of loading Port of discharge Commodity Base Rates
Base rate 20 DV Delta 20 DV Base rate 40 DV Delta 40 DV
Israel New York (US) Freight All Kinds (FAK) US$3,000 US$700 US$3700 US$1,000
Israel Montreal (CANADA) Freight All Kinds (FAK) US$5,350 US$700 US$6350 US$1,000
Israel Altamira, Veracruz (MEXICO) Freight All Kinds (FAK) US$5,550 US$700 US$6550 US$1,000
Israel Caucedo (CARIBBEAN) Freight All Kinds (FAK) US$3,000 US$700 US$3700 US$1,000

MSC said that the above rates are subject to bunker, THC (Terminal Handling Charges), PSS (Peak Season Surcharge) and other local and contingency charges.

Furthermore, due to the ongoing congestion issue in the European ports, and the consequent need for costly ad hoc inventory repositioning, MSC will implement a special equipment surcharge (SEQ) for in gauge cargo from Israel and Europe to US, Canada and Mexico.

Effective from 1 August, the SEQ will be charged US$3,000 per flat rack (FR) and open top (OT) equipment unit.

Source: .Container-News