The Swiss container line, Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) has announced new freight rates from the ports of La Spezia and Antwerp to Long Beach, US, Vancouver, Canada and Manzanillo, Mexico.

The updated prices will be effective from 1 September, until further notice.

Port of loading Port of discharge Commodity New Base Rates Former Base Rates
Base rate 20 DV Base rate 40 DV-HC Base rate 20 DV Base rate 40 DV-HC
La Spezia Long Beach Freight All Kinds (FAK) US$8,000 US$9,500 US$7,000 US$8,500
Vancouver Freight All Kinds (FAK) US$7,080 US$8,750 US$6,080 US$7,750
Manzanillo Freight All Kinds (FAK) US$8,100 US$9,800 US$7,100 US$8,800
Antwerp Long Beach Freight All Kinds (FAK) US$8,800 US$10,000 US$7,800 US$9,000
Vancouver Freight All Kinds (FAK) US$6,300 US$8,130 US$5,300 US$7,130
Manzanillo Freight All Kinds (FAK) US$8,000 US$9,700 US$7,000 US$8,700

Source : Container-News