Cruise and container giant Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) has invested in Madeira-based Green Maré Services (GMS) as part of its ongoing sustainability drive.

MSC has also decided to use the Ship Review platform developed by GMS and Germany’s Scope Group, a service that provides a scoring system to measure the environmental performance of shipping fleets.

“In addition to our massive investment in lower-carbon technologies and fuels, MSC continues to focus on improving energy efficiency. We have decided to leverage the Ship Review platform from Scope Group to provide better visibility on the environmental and broader sustainability performance of ships in our fleet. We want to assure for our clients that ships operated by MSC consistently meet the regulatory requirements and minimize impact on environment,” said Diego Aponte, MSC’s president, adding that his company fully supports the proposed creation of a global decarbonisation fund, overseen via the the International Maritime Organization, to provide financial capital for R&D, an initiative that was first championed by the International Chamber of Shipping.

Ship Review provides environmental and sustainability assessments of more than 70,000 ships and was the first dedicated product to display Carbon Intensity Indicator ratings

“With the help of the Scope Ship Review, we can better evaluate and report on the environmental and broader sustainability performance of our fleet,” said Aponte. “We will encourage our customers, charter tonnage providers, and other stakeholders to join MSC in this initiative,” he added.

MSC has further expressed its confidence in the underlying concept of Ship Review by deciding to acquire a minority stake in Portugal’s GMS for an undisclosed sum.

“We are very excited that MSC will take a minority stake in our company and support Ship Review’s provision of pollution and emissions fleet data. MSC’s cooperation will help us validate the platform’s estimated data and improve information quality,” said Milton Gouveia, GMS’s managing director.

Source : montatelviaje