Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) has announced a new overland service that will provide a shorter journey for cargo bound for Saudi Arabia and other Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries via King Abdullah Port.

The new in-transit cargo service, which is fully supported by the government authorities, moves containers by inland transportation from the Saudi Arabian port to provide MSC customers with quicker service and shippers with ‘better connectivity.

In particular, the inland service enables cargoes to be shipped from King Abdullah Port over the Arabian Peninsula to other GCC countries within four to six days, compared with a market average sailing period of 13 to 16 days by sea.

The transit time variation depends on the distance of the port of delivery, provided that shipments are adequately cleared and all legal requirements are fulfilled while trucking is offered with all logistics, documentation and legal clearance procedures.

MSC said that the inland route is particularly appealing for shippers of refrigerated and frozen cargo with a time-sensitive shelf-life, including food, beverages and pharmaceutical products.

Source: Container-News