US carrier National Airlines carried the United States state department’s third set of emergency relief supplies from Dulles International Airport, Washington to New Delhi and will reach Indira Gandhi International Airport today night after a technical stop in Munich.

“The aircraft deployed from Dulles is the US federal government third flight providing aid to India. The second flight with similar supplies lifts off from California earlier in the day. Earlier on Friday, two US government assistance flights arrived in India and the fourth flight with aid is also scheduled to leave for India soon. And flights like these will continue into next week airlifting urgent supplies like oxygen support, personal protective equipment, and rapid diagnostic tests to India,” reported ANI.

US Agency for International Development (USAID) mobilized masks, oxygen tanks, cylinders and other medical supplies equating to 250,000 pounds of life-saving supplies. Biden administration will be sending supplies worth more than $100 million in its efforts to mitigate the pandemic in India.

“Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, National Airlines B747 – 400F aircraft have been constantly involved in carrying medical supplies, equipment and vaccines to many nations across the globe,” reads the release.

Many nations, including the US, U.K., Russia, UAE, and others, have started transporting immediate medical supplies, oxygen concentrators, oxygen cylinders, ventilators etc. to India.

Christopher Alf, chairman, National Airlines, said, “We have been constantly involved in transporting medical relief supplies across the world since the beginning of the pandemic including vaccines. This latest mission to India is our unceasing obligation to support the battle against the global pandemic.”

Source: ITLN