Following the fire incident in NYK Delphinus engine room on 14 May, Ocean Network Express (ONE) has announced that the owners of the ship have declared general average to share the cost of the accident.

In conjunction with the declaration of general average, the owners have appointed OCEANA Marine Claims & Adjusting and Marine Adjusting Solutions Inc, as the average adjusters. The appointed average adjusters will be responsible for coordinating the collection of general average securities and all documentation required from parties with interest in cargo onboard, containers, vessel, and vessel fuel.

ONE noted that “cargo interests (or their insurance companies) is required to contact the appointed average adjusters directly to resume transit or delivery.”

The Singaporean line added, “Irrespective of whether your cargo is insured or otherwise, only the appointed average adjusters will be in a position to guide you with respect to the provision of the required general average security.”

Source: Container-News