MSC Francesca will omit one inbound and one outbound sailing to and from the Port of Oakland as congestion in the port is continuing to delay freight. 

Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) will omit sailings from the Port of Oakland in California as congestion and supply chain disruptions impact the port and inland connections, according to the carrier.

According to the line the first port-call omissions will be the MSC Francesca, which operates on the Jaguar service, voyage QJ116N, which was due to arrive in Oakland on 14 May, the service would normally call at Nansha – Yantian and Long Beach before heading north to the San Francisco Bay area.

The same vessel will also be omitted from its return journey which also calls at Busan, South Korea before heading to Nansha and Yantian. The MSC Francesca was again due to leave Oakland on 14 May for the return voyage.

The company stated that customers can still book Oakland cargo as the carrier will make alternative arrangements to serve the port, without saying what those arrangements might be.

Source: container-news