Pacific International Lines (PIL) has successfully transported its first shipments of avocados from Kenya to Brunei using Carrier Transicold’s EverFRESH® atmosphere control system.

In particular, EverFRESH reduces respiration and slows natural ripening of commodities by optimising oxygen and carbon dioxide balance.

The positive pressure effectively built up inside the container reduces box air leakage compared to other controlled atmosphere systems, according to a statement. Thus, this technology helps to maintain ideal conditions during transportation while extending the shelf life of high-value commodities.

“The EverFRESH Active CA technology has worked well for us in transporting avocadoes over a number of our key reefer trade lanes,” said Lim Chee Wei, general manager of the Logistics Division at PIL.

He added, “That success with higher-respiring perishables gave us the confidence to expand its use for shipments of Kenyan-grown avocados, and we are pleased that EverFRESH has again proven to be a success in this first shipment of avocadoes from Kenya.”

Source : Container News