SET-listed Regional Container Lines (RCL) has appointed Twinchok Tanthuwanit as its new president.

The decision by the board came as the company’s co-founder Sumate Tanthuwanit stepped down to become the new chairman of the executive committee after 42 years of service.

Mr Sumate has strengthened the company’s operational capabilities and expanded its service network by leveraging technology. As a result, RCL is seen as one of the most influential container shipping line companies in Asia.

To continue carrying out the company’s success and strategy, the board of directors has appointed Mr Twinchok to be president, replacing Mr Sumate, who will be chairman of the executive committee from June 1.

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Mr Twinchok is now tasked with driving the company towards the modernisation of both its fleet and operating system in order to increase its competitiveness and service quality, especially in fleet efficiency through the application of new technology.

He has a bachelor’s degree in engineering and a master’s in biomedical engineering from the J├╝lich Aachen University of Applied Sciences in Germany.

In 2015, Mr Twinchok took on the role of general manager of RCL’s marketing department, and in 2018 he was promoted to a senior vice-president position.

Source : bangkokpost