All ships arriving or entering ports from India are not required to undergo a 14-day quarantine at sea, says the Marine Department of Malaysia (JLM).

JLM in a statement said the Maritime Health Declaration of the vessels would be inspected by Health Ministry authorities and the ships will be given a certificate of free pratique before allowing them to enter and approach the dock for operations.

“Only ships (crew) suspected to be at high risk of having Covid-19 will be ordered to undergo quarantine for 14 days at sea, ” it said yesterday.

It added that port and dock workers are allowed to board the ships for cargo activities and are required to wear masks as well as gloves.

JLM explained that if the workers need to interact with the crew on the ship or enter cabins, all individuals must wear personal protective equipment (PPE).

“However, the full use of PPE by both parties is based on the risk assessment determined by the Port Authority by taking the advice of JLM and the Health Ministry, ” it said.

JLM has also coordinated uniformity of shipping operation activities in the port area following confusion over the Covid-19 SOP for the maritime industry.

The statement said all the procedures are continuously improved to ensure the operation of the maritime transport system related to seafarers and the shipping industry is clear.

Source: Bernama