In a move set to redefine the skyline of Kolkata and transform its tourism landscape, the Syama Prasad Mookerjee Port (formerly Kolkata Port Trust) has invited expressions of interest (EOI) for the development of luxury resorts, upscale hotels, and recreational centers along the picturesque banks of the river Hooghly.

The three prime land parcels earmarked for this ambitious development are poised to become the epitome of luxury and leisure:

  1. Moyapur (20.4 acres): Nestled in the serene South 24 Parganas, just 25 kilometers southwest of Taratala, this site enjoys excellent connectivity via the Budge Budge Trunk Road and boasts approximately 500 meters of riverfront charm.
  2. Noorpur (3.1 acres): Located in South 24 Parganas, approximately 48 kilometers from Taratala, Noorpur is seamlessly connected to Diamond Harbour Road via Noorpur Road. This site offers another significant stretch of riverfront real estate.
  3. Budge Budge: While the land area hasn’t been specified, Budge Budge in South 24 Parganas holds immense potential for development.

The Syama Prasad Mookerjee Port envisions these locations as hubs of luxury, complete with world-class hotels and resorts, complemented by shopping malls, multiplexes, branded eateries, and a gamut of recreational facilities.

This strategic initiative aligns with the port’s objective of unlocking its premium land assets to generate additional revenue streams. Beyond financial gains, the port also aims to uplift the infrastructure and connectivity of the surrounding areas, thus catalyzing holistic growth.

The impact of this visionary endeavor is expected to be far-reaching:

Economic Impact: The development of these three sites promises to invigorate the regional economy. The construction of luxury establishments and commercial centers is anticipated to create a surge in employment opportunities, stimulating economic activity in the region.

Tourism Impact: Kolkata, already known for its rich culture and heritage, is poised to become an even more enticing destination. The addition of luxury hotels and resorts, alongside shopping complexes and recreational facilities, will provide visitors with a broader spectrum of choices, further boosting the city’s appeal to tourists.

Social Impact: Local communities stand to benefit as well. The development of these sites will provide valuable employment prospects to residents, elevating their standard of living. The inclusion of shopping malls and recreational facilities will not only enhance the lifestyle of local inhabitants but also create communal spaces for social interaction and leisure.

In summary, the Syama Prasad Mookerjee Port’s ambitious plan to develop luxury resorts, upscale hotels, and recreational centers along the Hooghly River represents a landmark moment for Kolkata. Beyond reshaping the skyline, it is poised to usher in economic prosperity, amplify tourism potential, and enhance the quality of life for residents in the region. This initiative underscores the port’s commitment to progress, firmly establishing Kolkata as a thriving destination for both business and leisure.