The Tariff Authority of India (TAMP) which has been deciding the Tariff for Major ports of the country is on the way out as the Ports Ministry has initiated action to constitute an Adjudicatory board as part of the Major Port Authorities Act 2021 an official release said.

Once the Adjudicatory Board is constituted the Tariff Authority for Major Ports will cease to exist.

The tariff authority is a centralized agency which has been deciding the tariff for various major ports for the past thirty years. Once this agency goes, the major port will have the autonomy to decide the tariff rates according to local market conditions.  This practice is in vogue in private ports which gave them a massive advantage in attracting trade compared to public sector ports. Once the tariff authority is dismantled the public sector ports will have a level playing field with the thriving private ports.

The Major Ports Adjudicatory Board Rules, 2023, framed under the Act, has been notified by the Ministry of Ports, Shipping and Waterways in the Gazette on January 17th this year.  Action is being initiated by the Government to constitute the Adjudicatory Board as per the Rules

The Presiding Officer and Members of the Adjudicatory Board shall be appointed on the recommendation of a Selection Committee consisting of Chief Justice of India or his nominee; Secretary of the Department of Personnel and Training and Secretary of Ministry of Ports, Shipping & Waterways

The Adjudicatory Board shall consist of a Presiding Officer and two members. The Presiding Officer shall be a retired Judge of Supreme Court of India or a retired Chief Justice of a High Court and the two Members shall either be a retired Chief Secretary of a State Government or equivalent or a retired Secretary of the Government of India or equivalent.

The Major Port Authorities Act, 2021 came into force on November 03, 2021. Section 54 of the Act envisages constitution of an Adjudicatory Board which is to perform the functions stipulated under section 58 of the said Act.

Source : porttoport