The MV KAVARATTI, a cruise ship operating between Lakshadweep islands and Kochi, India, was stranded in the sea following an engine fire on 1st December 2021. Passengers and crew have been evacuated and are reported safe. The ship is owned and operated by Lakshadweep Development Corporation (LDC), a government-owned passenger vessel management company.

The ship had 624 passengers and 85 crew members on board during the incident. Mumbai coast guard was informed a short while after the fire, and the coast guard vessel ICGS SAMAR was diverted to its rescue posthaste. MV KAVARATTI was taken in tow although the small size of ICGS SAMAR as the shell door of Kavaratti was malfunctioning after the fire, and the weather was also not conducive for extraction of passengers. Upon arrival at the destination, Androth island, 274 passengers disembarked, and 350 passengers were transferred to another vessel under the LDC’s charge, M V CORALS, to complete their journey.

This isn’t the first time this ship has had engine problems. In February 2013, the vessel failed to disembark from the Kochi harbor with hundreds of passengers on board. Passengers were stranded for over a week, with many being forced to cancel their trips. At that time, serious allegations were surrounding the incident, ranging from faulty AC equipment to deliberate neglect in maintenance of the ship and illegal utilization of funds by the LDC.

Source : fleetmon