Ceylon Association of Shipping Agents (CASA) to express our deep concerns on the work stoppage at JCT/ECT Terminal and the suspension of Navigation services since last evening.

The 135 members of CASA represent all shipping lines calling Sri Lankan ports.

CASA to highlight the main issues which our members have faced

  1. Vessels that have completed operations are idling inside port without being able to sail out. The consequences of delayed departure results in a huge financial loss for the shipping line, loss of schedule integrity, delayed delivery of cargo and missing berthing opportunities in other ports.
  2. Vessels that are awaiting berthing outside port not being able to berth and complete their cargo 
  3. Vessels on the berth not being able to work productively resulting in delays, additional ports costs, inability to load cargo intended for vessel, cost of missed connections and total disarray of the planned schedule of the voyage having far reaching consequences to the Ship Owners.
  4. Adverse effect on imports, exports and transshipment volumes. This could lead to a loss of confidence as a transshipment hub and shifting of business out of Colombo to competitor ports.
  5. Shipping lines being pushed into shifting of services and shipping opportunities out of Colombo to other regional ports with predictability, reliability and steady and estimable costs of operations and regaining such service calls to Colombo will take years to convince shipping lines.
  6. Such consequences will have very far-reaching effect to the revenue to SLPA, CICT and SAGT and the Country as a whole at this crucial juncture where the country is clamoring for inflow of Foreign Currency.

CASA, on behalf of our Members, appeal to your good selves to convince the trade unions and labour to get back to work and resume operations ensuring that the port of Colombo which is the nerve centre of the Country’s economy operates in ensuring the movement of essential commodities at this critical time.

Source: CASA

Colombo Port Update

A clash reported between two groups at the protest creating a tense situation in the Island.

Due to the situation Islandwide Police curfew declared with immediate effect till further notice.

The Prime Minister & the entire Cabinet of Ministers resigned.

All unions started an immediate strike including SLPA/JCT.

JCT Terminal operation has been suspended from 15 Hrs. today until further notice.

Navigation movements also stop at Port of Colombo until further notice.