In a major development, cruises have been opened up for booking by the Royal Caribbean after CDC has announced travelling safe for vaccinated people.

This comes at a time when the cruise industry is severely hit by the coronavirus and has been dealing with a complete shutdown. Many cruise ships have gone scrapping in the past year because of the pandemic.

Now with the new guidelines in place, the cruise industry can resume its journey. The announcement came just in the nick of time when the industry has made arrangements for lab testing facilities on cruises.

The new guidelines had made it clear that vaccination doesn’t mean that covid protocols like social distancing, hand washing and masks are out of order. All parties need to follow these covid protocols along with the vaccinations to go on a cruise

Banking on this, the Royal Caribbean has decided to open up bookings for their very first voyages in the post-pandemic world.

The world’s biggest cruise liner has started to take bookings for their brand new ship Wonder of the Seas. The ship has been scheduled for a maiden trip from Shanghai and Hongkong from 2022.

The vessel has been under construction for quite a while now and is likely to be the biggest cruise ship in the world once finished. The 236857-ton ship allegedly has an 18 deck and 2867 stateroom at the disposal of nearly 7000 passengers.

It’s likely to be 4% bigger than the present Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship, Symphony of the Seas which has been hailed as the biggest cruise ship on earth so far.

The new cruise ship has a journey of 4-9 nights scheduled in March next year. The voyage will have Japanese cities like Osaka, Fukuoka, Kobe, Okinawa islands on the itinerary.

The 2022 November voyage schedule is even more extensive with places in Vietnam, South Korea, China, Japan included in the itinerary.

For the Royal Caribbean China is an important part as they began their journey from there 12years ago. With the pandemic proceeding in those parts, they are looking towards resuming business there.

As such the company is eager to witness how the world’s biggest and most innovative ship will be influencing Shanghai’s skyline and take cruise travelling into a new era.